Contract for difference, or “CFD.” These are derivative products as CFDs helps you to speculate on financial markets like shares, currency, indices, and commodities without having to buy the underlying assets.

Contracts for differences can be traded on a vast range of different financial instruments.

->Stock index CFDs, examples. FTSE, Dow, NASDAQ, NIKKEI, etc. Forex CFDs

->Forex CFDs

->Industry sector CFDs, examples. oil and gas, banks, technology, etc.

->Commodity CFDs like soft commodities and grains.

->Metals and energy CFDs, e.g., gold, silver, oil, natural gas, uranium…etc.


Why Trade CFDs?

->Leverage :- Get Up to 1:30 Leverage i.e. deposit less position More.

->Flexibility :- Option to Go long (buy) or short (sell)

->Huge Market :- Trade over 17,000+ markets, including shares, indices, commodities, forex, options and more.


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