Fraud Warning

The following details are given to assist the general public in safeguarding themselves from scams involving organizations or people purporting to speak for, or sell goods or services on behalf of, Plus Capital Limited.

Employees of Plus Capital do not use public email services or social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter to conduct business on behalf of Plus Capital (such as Gmail or Hotmail).

Employees of Plus Capital should only use email that is controlled by domains registered with Plus Capital. Plus Capital and its employees will never send out social media posts or emails from public email servers asking people to provide or confirm their private information, including account information or passwords.

Additionally, you should exercise caution if you are contacted by people or organizations claiming to be affiliated with Plus capital and offering financial services, trading services, loans, asking for money deposits, or requesting information like your account information, personal information, or passwords. These people or organizations may be involved in fraud or identity theft. As a result, before taking any further action, including without limitation moving payments or exposing any information, you should confirm the identification of the pertinent persons or institution. You should notify your local police authorities if you think that such people are involved in fraud or identity theft.

Only this domain name is used for the official Plus Capital Limited website:

Moreover, this website is unrelated to the owners of any other websites that could resemble the official websites of Plus Capital. By entering the aforementioned applicable domain name into your browser’s address bar or by creating a bookmark for the actual website, you may visit PLlus Capital’s webpages. We advise against using links contained in emails, text messages, social media messaging or platforms, or pop-up windows, to visit PLUS CAPITAL’s website.

Only the following names are available for PLUS CAPITAL bank accounts: Client Account for PLUS CAPITAL Capital Limited. Even if the account is owned by a “employee” of PLUS CAPITAL, never send money meant for PLUS CAPITAL if the beneficiary is not one of the aforementioned businesses.

PLUS CAPITAL is aware that occasionally various types of fraud are committed using the PLUS CAPITAL brand name. Some of these scams include con artists building “clone” or “lookalike” versions of legitimate PLUS CAPITAL websites, while others involve con artists posing as PLUS CAPITAL personnel and asking victims to send money to phony bank accounts. While we disclaim liability for damages brought on by “lookalike” or “clone” websites or by con artists posing as PLUS CAPITAL personnel, we are committed to minimizing the occurrence of such fraud whenever it is feasible. As a result, if you find any questionable websites or messages that claim to be from PLUS CAPITAL, please let us know by sending an email to compliance@Plus

Things to keep in mind

• Neither public email services nor social media platforms are used by PLUS CAPITAL for business purposes.

• Avoid clicking any links given to you through social networking sites or free email services that claim to be from PLUS CAPITAL.

• Never respond to emails from public email services or give out personal, financial, or private information on social networking sites.

• Be on the lookout for unwanted phone calls, social media messages, and emails, especially if you’re requested to supply sensitive information or are under time pressure.

• Don’t ever transfer funds meant for PLUS CAPITAL to a beneficiary who is not PLUS CAPITAL or to a bank account you haven’t used before.

• Never send funds to a bank account at the request of someone claiming to represent PLUS CAPITAL without first confirming the legitimacy of the request.

• Contact PLUS CAPITAL using the above phone number or email address if you have any suspicions about a person who has called you on behalf of PLUS CAPITAL and asked for money. We will validate the claim.


Reports of questionable conduct or fraudulent actions, such as bribery, corruption, or the use of improper influence by Plus Capital workers are taken seriously by Plus Capital. Please email if you wish to report any questionable conduct involving a Plus Capital employee.